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Is it, perhaps, a self-serving invention, like the one I naively accepted growing up in the s? Put differently, if a man spreads himself on an empty Metropolitan Line train and there are no bloggers there, who cares? Don't castrate Richard Madden for his leg-spread on the Underground As the Game of Thrones actor feels the full ire of the internet, Ed Cumming offers some words of sympathy. The justifications I've seen range from the differences of the male pelvis, and the threat of overheated sperm, to having their "stuff outside" and with apart Men their legs wanting to put their "junk in a vice". It has a lot to do with habit and comfort. Several blogs regularly highlight instances of manspreading where knees stretch several feet with apart Men their legs. I felt terribly ashamed and embarrassed, not understanding anything of the s societal gender-bias at work.

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#There've been a few posts lately concerning men sitting with their legs apart, and I got to wondering if there was more to it than simply having. #First we've got the non-crossed-legs positions. It's either the knees are kept close together or they're spread out. The legs themselves are inches apart. #And ladies, if you want to appeal to a man, cross your legs at the knees. According to the Peases, men voted this their favorite position for seated women. #I say that in a professional environment, a man should cross his legs like should not sit with his knees far apart, nor with his foot on his knee.

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As the Game of Thrones actor feels the full ire of the internet, Ed Cumming offers of Thrones, has been upbraided for sitting with his legs too far apart on the Tube. The blog focuses on a single crime: the male leg-spread.

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