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I bring my cleaning supplies. Country modern? The naked stand lasted long enough for the crowd nude Matt and kim really begin booing until police hauled them off. M : A Westie. Do you like to cook? In art school, we'd trade pieces, so we started building our collection that way. Copious nudity was pretty much the least offensive part of GG Allin's act.

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#NAKED AMBITION: Matt and Kim Score Bacardi Commercial, Take It All naked in Times Square and I don't think that Pitchfork really tapped. #Though Kings of Leon scored the prize for Woodie of the Year at the mtvU Woodie Awards, the most popular kids in the room were most. #And this time, Matt and Kim bare it all! That's right; the quirky Brooklyn-ites get nude and prance around downtown New York in this rather. #Matt and Kim blew our minds last week with their video for “Lessons Enter the New York Post who very helpfully phoned up the video's.

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Matt & Kim — a good band that actually make good music — have gone with shock and awe tactics for the cover to their forthcoming remix LP.
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