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Goanna attacks elderly couple in 'horrific and freak ordeal' A u Sex hd s elderly man is badly injured after being attacked by a goanna in north Queensland, but his dog survives, which his wife says is "the best news I've heard all day". As the Northern Territory becomes the final Australian jurisdiction to legalise hemp cultivation, one American farmer spruiks the plant's uses as a grain, fibre, or medical supplement, as well as its potentially high returns. From a living artwork made of thrush to a rock star in a petri dish, a new mini-documentary series aims to challenge and raise awareness about how biological knowledge and technology is changing. Legal Affairs Navigating assisted dying in Victoria The legalisation of voluntary assisted dying a u Sex hd s Victoria raises ethical, legal wet t shirts Big juggs policy challenges. By business reporter Stephen Letts. Pursuit home All sections. For Pacific women, a single bra can be a game changer Your best photos of the week Opinion: It sounds Machiavellian, but the Coalition has form on super Australian Geographic unveils winning wildlife snaps 'I woke up in the hands of paramedics': Cassidy and Faine talk politics, a u Sex hd s flu and what's next Analysis: Australian cricket is no longer so set in its ways, and the new approach is yielding results Gym vs parkrun: Does it matter where you exercise?

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